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Wed, 02/06/2019 - 17:14
RTB Data Scientist Intern
Numberly (1000mercis group)
Paris 9e
Company Description
Numberly helps its customers collect, analyze and leverage their data across all marketing channels. To do this, we are more than 100 engineers (a quarter of Numberly) divided into teams with a human dimension, where we ensure that everyone develops a positive influence and can be autonomous. Our sustained growth forces us to constantly question our technical and organizational choices.

With seven offices worldwide and clients in more than fifty countries, our challenges are global.

Due to our wide range of interconnected products, our technical challenges are very varied and often complex. Our daily missions consist of processing thousands of requests per second, distributed throughout the world, operating databases of several petabytes (Big Data™), automating our entire bare-metal infrastructure, and building the digital marketing interfaces of tomorrow.

Job Description
We hire Data Scientist interns to work on innovative projects in the field of Real-Time Bidding.
Your job will be to help our team to optimize Digital Marketing campaigns using Applied Mathematics and Machine Learning: in a competitive R&D team you will have to design new algorithms using your knowledge and analytical skills in order to face new business challenges.

Position summary:
You will take part in elaboration, optimization and development of machine-learning algorithms, to improve the efficiency of Numberly’s Relationship Marketing Programs (examples of issues we are working on in RTB: scoring, ranking, clustering of CRM databases, predictive algorithms...)
You will contribute to the design and development business intelligence and data visualization tools for our clients
You will help to develop a new approach of marketing: people based marketing
You will have access to large datasets to build supervised or unsupervised algorithms:
- behavioral and declarative data collected in real time
- thousands of socio-demographic variables on millions of individuals
- transactional data collected by our clients…

Quantitative studies like Economics, Statistics, Engineering, or IT
Specialization in Applied Mathematics, algorithms, Machine Learning
Experience with Big Data tools like Hadoop, Hive, Python, SQL Server, MongoDB, R, Matlab…
Highly motivated, intellectually curious, strongly interested in the digital industry
Start-uo spirit, capable at multi-tasking and prioritizing workload
Excellent communication skills, strong motivation to work in a fast growing company in an international environment
Technical environment in Numberly:
MySQL, HBase, Pig, Spark, memcached
Processing asynchrone, message queuing, Node.js
Flask, Django, gevent
Gentoo Linux
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