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Wed, 01/09/2019 - 13:59
Banks, retailers
PayLead is a Fintech specialized in transaction data analysis. Thanks to our expertise in Artificial Intelligence, we enhance the value of payment flows and offer financial institutions and merchants the keys to incomparable customer knowledge while complying fully with a “privacy by design” policy.

As previously mentioned, Paylead's core business is valuing bank transaction data for users, banks or re/etailers. Volume and sparsity of this data require to use advanced data collection, data engineering and data science techniques. In this context our tech team is expanding and we are now looking for a Lead Data Engineer.

Problems and solutions are two different mindsets for the same situation. We expect you to be a resilient problem solver totally driven by curiosity and passion so you are thrilled by new challenges and not afraid to use the knowledge of system interactions and communities in your favor. You'll also take ownership of complete projects and execute them.

The team is composed of engineers with different backgrounds and experiences both in the industry and academia. We expect you to bring who you are, with your experience, your knowledge, your history, your curiosity to keep learning, your passion for excellence and hard working and above all your kindness. Kindness changes everything in a human adventure. Michel-Ange used to say "If people knew how hard I worked to get my mastery, it wouldn't seem so wonderful at all". Be a Michel-Ange with a sincere attention to the others.


Review (understand and have a critical look on) models built by Data Scientists
Ensure deployment, monitoring and support of these models on Paylead Platform
Be proactive on all Data related topics at Paylead
Profil recherché


Know the maths behind standard machine learning models (algorithms, performance metrics, limitations). In particular have a good knowledge on few NLP models.
Know most common machine learning use cases (prediction, recommendation, etc.)
Very strong skills in Python and especially in its data science libraries
High sensitivity to code quality, robustness, time processing and scalability
Good knowledge on common development tools : GIT / Github / ...
Taste for production environments
Propose new services, improvements, POC
Active watch on machine learning and bank transaction data topics. Take part in related events (as participant or organizer)
Pay a continuous attention to Data Privacy and user's value maximization


A first experience with Spark or in Deep Learning or with a Cloud Development environment

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Sun, 06/09/2019