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Fri, 11/23/2018 - 08:20
Algorithm Engineer (F/M)
ViTechnology, HiTech company (R&D effort representing 25% of our revenue) specialized in Automatic Optical Inspection and belonging to the Swedish group MYCRONIC, is looking for an Algorithmic Engineer (F/M).

Within our team you will design, develop, optimize and characterize image processing and computer vision algorithms for next-generation's Automatic Inspection Machines.

This activity will take place in the particularly dynamic ecosystem of Grenoble, associating PME HiTech, large industrial groups and research laboratories.


Depending on your specialization, you will intervene on automatic learning and / or on problems related to the acquisitions'chain 2D and 3D.

• Diploma: Engineer and / or Doctor
• Expériences: 5 years minimum and 2 years in an industrial environment
• Specialty: Computer vision (calibration and simulation of optical systems, image formation, 3D reconstruction ...)
• Skills: Matlab or Python language.
• Others: good knowledge in advanced mathematics (algebra, statistics, 3D geometry ...) as well as in optics, would be appreciated.

Main missions

• Design, industrialize and document algorithms developed to answer to company's challenges
• Allow the evolution of our range of automatic inspection products, both in terms of innovation, technical and technological expertise, by integrating the notion of customer value and proposing high added value evolutions which will be integrated into our roadmap
• Produce innovative and, if possible, patentable ideas, in order to bring to the market products with high competitive differentiation and high added value.

Other missions

• Conduct studies, technical analyzes and simulations to feed the strategic choices of the company.
• Qualify algorithms against customer specifications: determine tests, identify data needs, carry out characterization campaigns, and produce summaries.
• Train internal customers on the technological bricks developed.


• Proactivity, authenticity
• Ability to work with others departements and popularize
• Want to contribute to a collectivity


Saint Egreve, 38.
Sat, 03/30/2019