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Mon, 11/12/2018 - 09:43
Marie Curie PhD: Mathematical morphology for the prediction of face expression
PhD Thesis
Università degli Studi di Milano
3Lateral (Serbia)
The objective of this 3 years project is to provide a realistic mathematical description of human face expression transition, for virtual reality applications. Human face expressions can be classified into about 60 different classes, but the transition from one class to another must be sufficiently “smooth” to avoid producing motion and perception artefacts. Actually a linear interpolation between the geometrical descriptions of the different classes in many cases is not sufficiently realistic. Thus the goal of the student enrolled in this project will be to develop and apply new stochastic geometric techniques, nonlinear regressions and non linear optimization techniques to the 4D data scanned from real human face expression, to model correctly the transition of the space-time distributions of the landmarks or surfaces describing the expression. The developed models will take into account both the possible imbalance in the sampling of face expressions and the real-time computability requirements of the company, and will thus be reduced to fasten the computation, and optimized in a distributed manner. See also:
48000 per year (gross salary)
Mon, 12/31/2018