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Mon, 09/24/2018 - 15:47
Master of Mathematics - Data Mining - Development in AI
Anaxi Technology
Anaxi Technology
Anaxi Technology is a start-up specialized in the design, manufacture and deployment of medical devices to prevent falls in the elderly population.
We have developed a patented technology that allows us to identify sleep actimetry and therefore detect indicators of frailty in the elderly.
Our clients are large groups of EHPAD like KORIAN, ORPEA, Family House, etc., in France but also in Switzerland and Belgium.
Our goal is to be, in the next 3 years, the European leader in our market.

Title: Master of Mathematics - Data Mining - Development in AI

We are looking for a student or young graduate passionate about computer science and programming within the framework of an internship at first and then if you want to end up on a Thesis in the framework of a CIFRE in AI - deep-learning in a second time.
The project will focus on data analysis and testing of our device to establish a predictive algorithm for sleep actimetry.
Our goal is to define a reliable and robust algorithm on our device following the various tests and implementation of your protocol then to apply it, as part of the evaluation of patients (Alzheimer, Parkinson) to better understand the level of sleep deficiency.

The mission for the internship is (4 to 6 months):
• To follow our first conception of the program, starting from the existing one in order to improve its robustness,
• Design and develop a program in C, C ++, JAVA
• Hospital Cohort Testing Campaign, Data Recovery
• Improvement of the program according to the result of these tests,
• Reflections on a stochastic algorithm, starting from the set of recovered data (big data),
• Very good knowledge of Matlab, Scilab, QT (possibly), Python
• Very good knowledge in mathematics and statistics,
• Interpretation of data and application in the real case.
Mon, 12/31/2018