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Thu, 03/29/2018 - 08:11
Junior Research and Development Scientist M/F
Located in Lyon, MOOBIFUN is a company that designs and develops software solutions for mobile phone operators. The company operates in twenty-five countries across three continents. MOOBIFUN is also a close-knit team that works in a relaxed and stimulating work environment. We are committed to the "startup" spirit, while acting within a structured and professional framework.

We are hiring and building our team as part of our dedicated international development. We are looking for passionate talents who have the capability to perform analyses on our databases in order to improve understanding of mobile application users behavior. You will contribute to exploit and make usable large sets of data.

Role & Responsibilities:
- Build and create methods and tools for data science (algorithmic, mathematical and computer data processing, etc.);
- Work with data acquisition, formatting and pre-processing;
- Use or develop Machine Learning algorithms: classification, learning, visualization, etc.;
- Working on our customer databases: segmentation, scoring, customer profile, campaign reports for a better customer understanding;
- Data extraction and processing / Production and analysis of results / Recommendations and feedback;
- Definition / Provision of KPIs;
- Work on our intellectual property business;
- Work transversally by ensuring good communication with all our clients.

Essential skills experience required:
You hold a PhD in computer science (first permanent contract only) and have prior experience in the fields of data acquisition and multisources, multiformats analysis. You have a good knowledge of SQL. Proficiency in scripting languages will help you to carry out our projects. Understanding of Elasticsearch and a statistically oriented language would be a plus.

You are able to deliver analyses in a short time and be flexible and adaptable to focus on priorities. You are customer and results-oriented and know how to work transversally. Strong English communication skills are required to work in an international and multicultural work environment.

Please apply by sending your CV to Nicolaï Feuillard:
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Annonce PhD Moobifun en anglais.pdf
Tue, 05/29/2018