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Mon, 10/30/2017 - 08:17
Young Doctor in Signal processing or Data Science
Company presentation:
Big data company, founded in 2013, in the fields of Internet of Things and Silver Economy, Telegrafik offers stay-at-home technologies for BtoB and BtoBtoC markets. Telegrafik developed a smart software platform transforms home sensors' data into added value services, such as alerting and monitoring services.
Otono-me is an innovative telecare service allowing weakened people to live at home, better surrounded by family. The service is based on the features of basic telecare (a panic button, an intercom, and a 24/7 telecare platform). 4 passive infrared sensors and 1 open door sensor are being added to the house. Telegrafik's smart software platform analyzes the activity of the person and automatically detects when something abnormal occurs. The person lives as usual, Otono-me watches over.

Job Description:
• Young Doctor in Data Science in CDI. It will be imperatively the first job in permanent job of the candidate.
• Attached to the Data Science team
• Compensation according to profile
• Position based in Colomiers, near Toulouse
• Make the data of the objects connected to the Telegrafik software platform speak for the benefit of our customers
• Manipulate live and offline data to make sense of it, and industrialize or industrialize new features that have proven successful.
• Evolve intelligent modules of predictive statistics, behavioral modeling, elaborate rule engines, decision-making to send notification
• Contribute to the implementation of HMIs (human-machine interfaces) of data visualization
• Lead developments and projects related to our open innovation partners (large groups, laboratories), in France and abroad
• Participate in the evolution of the intelligence of our service (Machine learning, Neuronal Network)

The skills sought:
Mastery of the R or Python language
• Knowledge in NoSql / SQL databases
• Knowledge of statistics / mathematical concepts
• Excellent ability to work in a team, even remotely, knowing how to take into account the issues of architecture, performance, and development
• Rigor, good organization of work, efficiency, responsiveness and strong analytical capacity
• Compatibility with the Startup spirit: motivation, autonomy, knowing how to do, resourcefulness, curiosity, active participation, taking initiatives, strength of proposal
• Curiosity for machine learning, news in the field of data science, Big Data
• Understanding and taste for societal issues
• Understanding and appetite for innovative technologies (IoT, Big Data, new communicating objects)

How to apply:
• Company: Telegrafik - Intergenerational Connected Services
• Location: Toulouse, Colomiers office (31), International high school bus and bus.
• Contact: Anne-Cécile ANDRE - - +33 6 64 38 49 71
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Currency Euro
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Date of expiration for this offer Sun, 12/31/2017
Sun, 12/31/2017