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Mon, 07/17/2017 - 10:49
Research Engineer – expert in Big Data analysis ->3years
Short Term
Orsay - Paris

The research engineer will analyze new data tackling the development of mental disorders in cohorts of children, adolescents, and adults followed up for years. The laboratory hosts international and regional mutidisciplinary databases including thousands of participants.
The engineer will implement new methods to analyze « big data ».
The core of the engineer task will be to adapt and test computational statistics methods to analyze the developmental variations in adolescence, and determine risk and protective factors useful for prevention, prognosis, or treatment monitoring, in syndromes such as depression, drug addiction, or autism.
He/she will supervise students and advise the researchers, in order to develop a team. He/she will contribute to drafting and bringing manuscripts to publication in leading journals.

PhD Degree in computational statistics, engineering, or equivalent.

Experience in Big Data tackling with multivariate analysis methods (ICA, PCA), AI predictive analytics (e.g. machine learning, classification), or network analysis. The Engineer will explore how deep learning can be used to deal with multiscale multidimensional biomedical data.
Familiarity with Unix or Linux.
Solid background in programming, especially in Matlab, R, Python…
English : B2, C1, or C2

30000 - 40000
Inserm_job-IT-English_U1000_data scientist.pdf
Fri, 09/08/2017