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Mon, 07/03/2017 - 15:42
Data Scientist
TELEGRAFIK offers cross-generation technologies.
We are experts in analyzing and processing data from house sensors, to provide professional customers with smart services.

OTONO-ME is our core product. It’s a service designed to protect elderly living on their own in their house.
OTONO-ME is an innovative personal alarm system that frees people from wearing a pendant or a bracelet.
Once the house is equipped with sensors, activity is constantly monitored. Should something abnormal occur, an alert is sent to relatives or help lines.
Carers too have access to our smartphone application to keep a discreet eye on their loved ones.

The elderly live their lives as usual, OTONE-ME watches over.

See more informations about the job, the company and how to apply in the PDF file.
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Sun, 09/03/2017