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Fri, 06/16/2017 - 16:53
Mathematician - Mathematical Researcher (Scientific problems in Industry)
ThinkTank Maths Limited (Edinburgh)
RBS, ConocoPhillips, SSE, Tesco Bank, ESA
United Kingdom

You are passionate about mathematics and eager to apply them to tackle hitherto unsolved real-life problems in engineering and advanced industrial sectors.

You are inhabited by the drive, the spirit of adventure and the tenacity essential for doing groundbreaking, fundamental research – not through established mathematical knowledge or techniques, but through radical, novel mathematical approaches and formulations.

You would thrive working in a multi-disciplinary team and are prepared to be continuously challenged whilst contributing to help find original solutions to difficult problems in industry and commerce and seek out new applications of mathematical analysis.

You want to do fundamental research in an environment that offers the exciting atmosphere of the most ambitious research organisations in the world and create innovative mathematics with a game-changing impact on global issues of which you want to be able to be proud.

You have confidence in your mathematical talent and are keen to demonstrate it to us.

You have the following essential skills:

a very strong background in mathematics: excellent PhD.
a true capability in analysis, abstraction and mathematical formalisation.
a real “fluency” in a few specific mathematical domains and the ability to rapidly master new areas of mathematics on an ongoing basis
the inclination to challenge established mathematical techniques and solutions.
the ability to work with and share your know-how and enthusiasm within a dynamic team.
experience with computer programming (C, Python, etc)

We are particularly interested in applicants with highly abstract or pure mathematical backgrounds.

If you are excited by this challenge and the prospect of working in the beautiful city of Edinburgh, then send the following to

Your CV (with a list of publications, where relevant).
A short non-technical essay describing your recent research or degree project, if appropriate.
A comprehensive cover letter describing you, your professional expectations and why we should be interested in your application.

We do not require the services of recruitment agencies.

Applications should be submitted by the closing date of Friday 4th August 2017.

To visit our website, please click on link: //

30,000 - 45,000
Pound sterling
Fri, 08/04/2017