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Wed, 11/23/2016 - 13:04
Air quality modelling scientist
Short Term
INERIS: French National Institute for Industrial Environment and Risks
verneuil en halatte
National expert in environmental safety, INERIS (600 staff, 80M€ budget) carries out and commissions studies and research programmes aimed at preventing the risks brought about by economic activities on health, the safety of persons and property and on the environment.

Air quality modelling scientist
12 month contract, possible extension of 6 month
Position opened in Verneuil-en-Hallate, France, 40min North of Paris

The Atmospheric Modelling and Environmental Mapping Unit of INERIS develops and uses numerical air quality management tools in the framework of support to policy (in particular in relation to European Directives) but also to address the needs of private parties. The unit develops a commercial activity in France and Internationally building upon its expertise on air quality monitoring and management.
This expertise relies mainly on air quality numerical modelling developed at Ineris and in partnership with academic research laboratories or private consulting companies.

You will be involved in assessment and research activities in the field of environmental pollution in support to decision making in public policy and private clients, in France and Internationally. You will also participate to the development of commercial activities of the Unit on these topics.
Within the Unit, you will participate to the development of numerical analysis tools related to the air quality modelling activity of the Unit. Several focuses are considered, in particular the design of numerical experiment plans and machine learning for numerical codes, but also kriging and data assimilation.
You will develop the expertise of the Unit on these topics through various research and support to policy projects, in France and Internationally. In the framework partnerships with European research laboratories, you will trigger the development of new research projects, thereby contributing to the development of the Unit. In the case of deployment of the solutions developed by INERIS, you will also investigate their competitive potential in the private sector.
This position requires frequent travels within France and Europe.

You hold a Master of Science or Master of Engineering or a PhD and have a first professional experience in the field supporting your technical and scientific competence in mathematics and high performance computing applied to the environment. Statistics or geostatics skills would be an advantage.

- Ability to use and design numerical analysis tools.
- A very good knowledge of scientific programming (fortran, python, R) and geographical information system is required.
- Eager to work in team in project mode
- Capacity to develop and maintain client relationships, professional network and partnerships.
- Excellent English communication skills both written (reports and scientific publications) and oral (for clients and scientific congress), basic knowledge of French would be an advantage.
Fri, 12/09/2016